Proposal for Solar Power Facility Varying Sizes

  • We have been building significant construction projects for 30 years
  • Completed Projects include a LIRR Train repair Facility I Queens
  • Added 7 stories on top of Hunter College Manhattan
  • Completed Masonry at Tombs detention centre Manhattan
  • Developed office space in Florida
  • Built luxury Houses in Miami Dade
  • Installed underground utilities in Barbados
  • Our Affiliates have installed 100 MW of solar projects over the last 5 years
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  • Save high tariff during daytime
  • Avoid high per Kwh charges during utility load shedding
  • No noise pollution
  • Emergency genset is quiet
  • No longer dependant on Grid for mission critical applications
  • With Generator and battery can be Truly off grid independent power supply with backup
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The typical system includes the following major components:

  • Solar Panels (Topsun 410 mono or equal)
  • Smart battery Combiner
  • Auto Gen start I required (when used with battery hybrid system)
  • Combiner Box
  • Lightning Arrestors as required
  • AC transformer and /switch 1 if required
  • Inverter/Chargers
  • VDC Panel Mount Breakers
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Sealed AGM/Lithium 48 V batteries required
    (optional at extra cost)
  • Battery Monitoring system 1 required (always optional)
  • Generator if required (optional)
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