Commercial Installations

Commercial Institutional Solar

Ground Mounted solar installs can offer land owners the opportunity to earn continuous income by leasing their land or entering into a joint venture agreement for a percentage of the income from Power Purchase Agreements, (PPA)

Wind Turbine Development

Wind turbines can offer continuous power production and offer investors solid returns on investment.

Residential Solar

The future of solar power may be in distributed generation, where individual homeowners use their rooftops to be self-sufficient in their power needs, and sell excess power produced back to the utility under net metering schemes.

International Installations

Solargy Power Systems is currently developing a 500 KV transmission Line in South East Asia with local partners.

Green Solutions for Any Application Under the Sun

We believe that since sun power is the most abundant energy source on earth and the sun produces enough energy in a day than the world consumes in a year.

Solargy is committed to solar energy and has been working for years to develop more efficient panels, and balance of system equipment.

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Clean Technology Fund

Energy Bonds, an innovative approach to funding renewable energy projects.

Solargy can design a funding program to fund your large energy Project. Our approach is based on the Power purchase agreement, secured by a guarantee of Payment from the investment Grade utility. Investment grade bonds, secured by the guarantee and the power purchase agreement can be used to fund projects in excess of US 25,000,000.

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Residential Program

We can assist homeowners is funding their solar power requirements.

Solargy will work with homeowners to assist in funding their installations, using the local tariff scheme and tax credits where available. The local Banks extend credit to homeowner who then uses that credit to fund the installation.

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Renewable Energy Programs for Energy Independence

Energy is the currency of the 21 st Century.

We are totally dependent on power in every aspect of our lives. The ability to control energy cost and produce energy at a low cost will help shape the economy of the new world order. Solargy understands.

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Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program

Renewable energy is especially critical to small island states who are totally dependent on fossil fuels for their energy. In the West Indies, and many Island in the Pacific and Asia many island have significant trade imbalances because of huge energy bills for imported oil. Renewable energy offers a means to mitigate balance of payment issues and also reduce pollution, reduce the cost of doing business and contributed to stable healthy economies.