Energy generated

from natural resources

Energy generated

from natural resources

Energy generated

from natural resources

Wind Energy

The Ultimate Renewable Resource

Solar Power

Solar Powered Plants

Hydro Power

Small Hydro Power


Ultimate Renewal Energy Systems

Solargy Power Systems traces its history back to 1983. Then, Carmik Inc, as the predecessor corporation was named was created as a General Construction Company in New York. Carmik became for a while the largest minority owned masonry company in the tristate area, employing at its peak 100 skilled union workers and working on significant projects including the Tombs Detention Centre in New York City, The Long Island Car Repair facility in Queens, and the repair of the Municipal Building at One Centre Street in Manhattan. Solargy today is invested in renewable energy and its core mission is to deliver affordable energy in emerging markets. We offer affordable energy systems with no carbon footprint at affordable price points.

Solargy Power Systems Inc now is a systems Integrator of renewable energy technologies including waste to energy, biomass, wind and solar cell power technologies. We combine the design and implementation of green technologies to deliver solutions for affordable clean energy in emerging and mature markets. Solargy Power Systems Inc uses standard off the shelf technology to deliver low cost solutions for independent power producers in emerging markets where fossil fueled power is driving power cost.

Solargy Systems has executed agreements with equipment manufacturers to supply the equipment to manufacture and or install the renewable energy products we market. We can offer funding solutions for utility scale projects using the guaranteed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model.

The Vision

Solargy Systems Inc's operating philosophy is to deliver the cheapest, most reliable green power technology to emerging markets. We plan to do this by using standardized manufacturing materials and processes to increase our yield, quality and production. Our goal is to be the integrated supplier of choice for the independent power producer who is looking for the 20 MW plant or smaller and the large commercial user of power seeking to reduce his cost of utilities over a 7 to 10-year period.

to Energy

Waste to energy technology has been refined over the last 30 years in several hundred installations worldwide.


Solar energy refers to energy from the sun. It is a renewable source of energy unlike non- renewable sources such as fossil fuels.

Hydro Power

The basic premise of small hydro is to minimize impact on the surrounding environment.


Wind Power transforms the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical or electrical energy that can be harnessed for practical use.

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Latest Projects

Home Energy Saving and Renewables

Over a third of all carbon emissions are generated in the home so any renewable energy use or energy saving can have a big impact on our contribution to global warming.

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